Building a concrete pool with skimmers allows you to have a dry coping. It is a traditional pool that gives you a great deal of freedom to develop at very attractive rates. The slim stainless steel skimmers add a touch of modernity with a water level 8-9 cm from the coping.

The infinity pool is usually chosen to give an impression of infinity to your pool, which is particularly highlighted if you have a very beautiful landscape on the overflow side. In addition, the continuous sound of the water flowing will give you a feeling of calm.

The installation of a mirror pool allows, as its name suggests, to reflect the sky. This will give you the impression of having a different pool depending on the weather.

The indoor pool offers you the opportunity to swim and bathe all year round, with a significant advantage: it gets very little dirty. It will be necessary to study the dehumidification and cover the pond when it is not in use in order to limit evaporation.