Why have a pool enclosure?

A pool enclosure provides you with:

  • Securing the pool for children
  • Extended bathing time by participating in the heating of the water by the greenhouse effect
  • Clean water by protecting the water from environmental pollution
  • Savings on cleaning products
  • Increased use of your pool throughout the year thanks to the draught-free heated ambience

Be careful, a shelter is not a substitute for the vigilance of parents or responsible adults, which remains the essential factor for the protection of young children.


Advantages of our shelters

The custom-made pool enclosures that we have selected offer you:

  • easy handling,
  • comfortable access to the pool,
  • an exclusively aluminium structure,
  • a neat finish,
  • unrivalled guarantees (including ISO 9001),
  • high snow resistance,
  • A configuration adapted to your expectations for unparalleled comfort of use.

Tall pool enclosures:

Mobile terrace on rails :

The mobile sliding terrace

For optimal comfort, consider the possibility that your shelter can only be opened by one person to access the pool and ventilate the shelter without constraint.

For a low shelter, comfort will be optimal if it meets the following conditions:

  • Sufficient height to bathe underneath
  • Easy access to the pool without effort
  • Ground Guidance Profile
  • Floor-folding front panel
  • Folding façade to partially uncover the pool
  • Telescopic elements to clear the pool completely

See the ease of use in video

Mobile terrace:

Quality and ease of handling of our pool enclosures

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