Classic Jacuzzi

In order to recharge your batteries in complete serenity and awaken your senses, we offer different ranges of traditional spas / jacuzzis that will meet your expectations. The main source of health and well-being, this hot water pool will help you relax. It is equipped with nozzles that send pressurized water mixed with air, thus performing a massage of the whole body.

Designer Jacuzzi

Aquavia Spa’s exclusive range is designed to provide maximum pleasure, with optimal performance and energy efficiency. With a unique design, Exclusive hot tubs are equipped with advanced features. Fully equipped spas designed for the most demanding customer.

Swim Spa

Are you looking for the benefits of a swimming pool and the hydrotherapy of a classic  spa? The swim spa is the perfect solution for you. It has a counter-current swimming system generated by nozzles producing a high-pressure jet and it also has a relaxation area with its massaging jets. Enjoy the benefits of your swim spa all year round, in all seasons thanks to its adjustable  temperature!

Infinity Jacuzzi

Installing a jacuzzi/spa with an overflow system has the advantage of maintaining a constant water level and flow. Water flows over the curved edge into the overflow gutter. It will allow you to preserve the perfect hygiene of your water and will eliminate all impurities that may be deposited on the surface of the pool. The infinity spa is designer and very stylish. It is also suitable for public use. It has the latest technology, including hydromassage jets.

Custom-made Jacuzzi

Depending on your needs, we can create your spa entirely custom-made. For each spa, you will be able to choose the cladding and various other options. The hot tubs have a variety of designs, so everyone can find one according to their tastes, so that it fits perfectly into your environment and budget. You can also choose the number of seats you need. Take advantage of every special moment in your daily life, at home, to discover all the benefits of hydrotherapy provided by hot tubs.

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