Stainless steel swimming pools

Are you looking for a top-of-the-range pool with a long service life? The stainless steel pool is for you! It’s pure perfection with a luxurious, beautiful design. This type of construction adapts to all possible shapes and sizes: rectangular pools, round pools, swim lanes… The silver color accentuates the reflections of the water, for an even more pleasing effect.

Stainless steel pools are timeless and never age.

Stainless steel pools are designed for use in private, public and hotel spaces, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. These stainless steel basins create unique aquatic spaces that are havens of leisure and well-being. With their modern design, unlimited customization possibilities, exceptional elegance and superior workmanship, our stainless steel pools blend perfectly into any environment. Their timeless character guarantees durability without ageing. Whether you prefer a round, square or rectangular pool, whether it’s installed in your garden or indoors, we aim to inspire you and meet your highest expectations.

Advantages of stainless steel pools

A symbol of excellence and luxury, the stainless steel pool offers exceptional qualities in terms of corrosion resistance, waterproofing and appearance. On the other hand, it is hygienic, eco-friendly and modern.

Here are the main advantages of a stainless steel pool :

  • Stainless steel pools are long-lasting, with extremely robust, high-quality materials : the beauty of your pool will not fade over the years (unlike the liner): a quality pool that will undoubtedly add value to your property.
  • Easy to maintain: easy cleaning and care: the pool’s sophisticated backflow provides optimum cleaning action. Your time will be dedicated to pleasure, not to cleaning, even if you can plunge a robot into it.
  • No water lines to clean.
  • Smooth, pleasant surface
  • Optimum hygienic conditions : stainless steel is highly hygienic, and algae cannot easily attach to it.
  • Weatherproof
  • Visually very elegant and modern at all times : No deterioration of stainless steel due to stagnation of dead leaves or other organic matter at the bottom of the pool.
  • Resistant to heat and UV radiation : No color change or fading
  • Fast installation (elements are prefabricated in the factory)
  • Solar reflection supports the heating effect
  • No frost damage : No need for winterizing : No need for floats to absorb the thrust of ice. (Unlike a hull)
  • An ecological swimming pool: A perfectly watertight, leak-free pool with an oversized buffer tank that allows rainwater to accumulate completely and thus cope with drought and water restrictions. Pool water never needs changing. Numerous constraints, such as lowering the water level, draining or other actions, are unnecessary.
  • Low deadweight
  • The embossing on the bottom of the pool creates beautiful light effects in the turquoise water and also ensures a non-slip effect on the bottom.

This type of pool is more expensive to install and build, but offers significant savings in the long term thanks to limited maintenance and winterizing, and the fact that stainless steel does not require a waterproof coating.

Frequently asked questions

What precautions need to be taken for a stainless steel pool?

Stainless steel is vulnerable to oxidation, so it’s crucial to avoid contact with ferrous metals such as nails, shovels, tools, etc. Never light fireworks containing metal oxides in the vicinity of the pool. This could result in unsightly rust marks, potentially damaging the stainless steel surface.

Which water treatment system?

We recommend using an automatic water treatment system with liquid chlorine and pH Minus.

Can an existing pool be converted into a stainless steel pool?

Yes, it is possible to convert an existing pool to stainless steel, but this depends on the feasibility of the original installation and any modifications that may be required.

What is the price range for a stainless steel swimming pool in Switzerland?

Prices vary according to several parameters, including the size of the pool and the options chosen. An approximate, non-binding price range can be provided. For example, for a stainless steel pool with no overflow and dimensions of 3.5m x 7m x 1.50m, the approximate price could start at CHF 80,000. For a four-sided infinity pool of similar dimensions, the approximate price could start at CHF 120,000. These prices do not include civil engineering work, landscaping, any necessary site drainage, and the power supply from the villa’s switchboard. Please contact Astro Piscines for a detailed, no-obligation quote.

What are the guarantees and what is the quality of the stainless steel used?

Under normal conditions of use: 20-year warranty on the stainless steel pool.

For other items such as heat pumps, electronic devices, etc., the factory warranties apply.

The stainless steel used is V4A (1.4404 / 316 L).

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