We currently have a very nice sauna on display that we are selling at the exceptional price of CHF 21,000 excluding delivery and installation.

Made in Switzerland, it has many options: -Dim: 230x185x ht 217cm -Aspen panelling, black tongue -Biosa 9kW stove and A-12 control panel -Aspen benches with springs -Warm white LED strip on the ceiling, lighting under the bench -Speakers and bluetooth port 1 white lacquered outer panel

Value of exhibition sauna on order: CHF 37,560 incl. VAT

Finnish Sauna (Traditional)

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, you can create a haven for yourself to find serenity by opting for a sauna. We offer tailor-made saunas tailored to your expectations and desires. They are made of high-quality solid wood.

Take a bath in hot, dry air where the temperature fluctuates between 80° and 100°C, varying according to the comfort you are looking for. Due to its uniqueness and authenticity, the sauna provides well-being on a daily basis. It stimulates blood circulation, fights muscle aches and pains. It acts as a purifier that eliminates toxins and will make your skin look beautiful after a good cold shower. An effective remedy to be healthy and keep fit all year round and especially in winter.

Every step in the construction of your sauna is carried out with precision and care by our expert carpenter. Thanks to the quality of the wood on offer, it retains heat for a very long time. In addition, it is stable and hygienic.

Many types of wood will be proposed and explained.


If you find it difficult to tolerate the dry and high heat of the traditional sauna but still want to be able to enjoy the benefits of the sauna, then opt for the bio sauna. Its temperature and humidity adjustment system by microprocessor and humidity sensor offers you a more moderate heat than that of the classic sauna. The temperature varies between 50 and 60°C with a humidity level of 60%.

The additional equipment of the Bio-Sauna allows you to enjoy different climate zones and thus maintain the right balance. This way, no matter how different a person, can use the sauna with the climate that suits them.

Examples of interior fittings

Whether it’s with a standard cabin or a custom-made model adapted to the configuration of your room, we will find the sauna of your dreams.

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THE SAUNA  , the anti-stress ritual that boosts the immune system When you enter the sauna, the body is faced with a temperature of around 80 degrees. The reaction of the cardiovascular system is immediate and this artificial fever activates the immune system. When the essential oils contained in
Camylle Sauna Veil
are poured on the hot lava stones, they will exert their beneficial effects on the entire body by penetrating deep through the epidermis and mucous membranes. Think of the perfumes that you can add according to your moods on sale in our store in Nyon or online:

Sauna sail: a special fragrance for every moment

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Preserve your sauna by using the right cleaning product:

Hygiene and cleaning products The solarium, sauna, hammam and balneotherapy have several aspects in common: – heat that promotes the development of germs – direct skin contact – an environment that promotes perspiration For these moments of relaxation to retain their magic, perfect and rigorous hygiene is necessary. The STERYLANE range of cleaners has been developed to meet the requirements of these particularly sensitive environments when maintaining your whirlpool, sauna, hammam and spa facilities.

The active ingredients in the STERYLANE line have been tested according to the bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal standards in force.   

The entire range contains essential oils and has therefore been enriched with a strong deodorizing power, which will enhance the cleaning with a pleasant impression of freshness.

Avoid bleach at all costs, as it will attack the wood and cause it to dry prematurely.

Stérylane is on sale in our store in Nyon or online:

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