Why Have an Automatic Pool Cover


In order to enhance the aesthetics of your pool, Astro Piscines offers a multitude of solutions for integrating automatic covers.

If your pool is existing or planned, there is a technical solution adapted to your needs.

  • Securing the pool for children
  • Extended bathing time by participating in the heating of the water with the solar blades
  • Clean water by protecting the water from environmental pollution
  • Savings on cleaning products
  • Reduced water evaporation from the pond

Be careful, coverage is not subordinate to the vigilance of parents or responsible adults, which remains the essential factor for the protection of young children.

Advantages of our coverages

The automatic coverages we have selected offer you:

  • Greater resistance to UV rays
  • Polycarbonate (PC) blades are much more resistant to extreme climates due to the superior physical properties of the raw material. These durable polycarbonate slats are available in clear, solar and aluminum look.

These blades are available with a solar version, which allows you to heat the water. The upper part of the blade is transparent, which allows the lower black part to absorb heat and efficiently return it to the pool. This eco-friendly system allows you to gain between 4 and 8°C, which is good for your comfort and your budget.   


High quality 316L stainless steel mechanism! 24V low-voltage electric motor or hydraulic technology. Easy-to-use electronic management board thanks to its control screen.


A cover allows for increased safety of your pool for your family! To do this, a locking device is positioned at the end of the pool. It can be manual or fully automatic.

For existing or round-shaped pools, consider the Top’Moov above-ground cover

An automatic cover ensures a cleaner, safer and better tempered pool. It is therefore a piece of equipment with important functionalities when the pool is closed.

We also want to preserve the aesthetics of the pool area. A swimming pool is first and foremost a space for relaxation and dreams.

Top’Moov allows you to benefit from a bathing area that is ventilated by the setback of the mechanism at the back of the pool.

One person can easily move Top’Moov from the storage space to the edge of the pool. In the situation of a free-form swimming pool, 2 people are needed to drive Top’Moov on the pool.

Top’Moov moves on 1 discreet rail arranged on one side of the pool of your choice. On non-flat paving, 2 rails are required. Movement is done by manual pushing.

The photovoltaic power supply makes it possible to install without any work.


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