Before any custom project for the construction or installation of a swimming pool, a1st phase of meeting is essential. We will then provide you with advice and assistance for a successful establishment in the canton of Vaud and the Geneva region. We will help you make your choice to make your pool an exceptional place adapted to your lifestyle and style. Then, we set up a2nd appointment for the presentation and explanations of your quote. During these meetings, we will also discuss the pricing and time required to complete the project.

Study of your project

First, once the quote has been accepted, we carry out the layout study and the personalized plans of your project in collaboration with our designer. Depending on your wishes and specificities, we will offer you the most suitable technical solutions.


Technical and aesthetic validations

In a second step, before the work, we will validate together the final installation of your pool and the choice of colours, materials and coatings in order to obtain a pool that is both aesthetic and perfectly well integrated into its environment.



This phase of the construction site is planned and monitored by our technical manager, from earthworks to the completion of the structural work until the final backfilling. Thanks to our expertise and technical know-how, we give life to a quality pool that is unique.

All stages are carried out by our teams. We do not outsource any phase of the construction of your swimming pool

Validation of choices

Filtration, equipment, impoundment and reception

This very important technical phase is dedicated to the installation of the various quality materials and equipment selected together, for long-term satisfaction. It will allow the proper functioning and perfect use of your pool, so that this new living space is a privileged sustainable source of relaxation and well-being.

Your pool in 3D

Your choices are made but you still don’t know what your pool will look like. We can remedy this by rendering in .3D of your pool. The final adjustments are made in front of you and you leave this interview with a very clear vision of your future project.

Movie Villa Lumion

Astro Piscines presents the film Villa Lumion

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