Maintaining Your Pool

Maintaining your pool is a necessity to maintain good water quality. In our store or on our website. online store, you will find all A range of products to ensure water treatment and quality.

We also offer various maintenance services such as the start-up of your pool, winterization and weekly or every 15 day maintenance… Entrust us with the maintenance of your pool to enjoy it with peace of mind and ensure the longevity of your equipment!


Discover our services for the maintenance of your pool :

Basic contract – start-up and winterization

This basic contract offers you the essential services for the maintenance of your pool. Our technical teams are involved in the opening and closing of the pool. We may be able to provide additional services if necessary.

Standard Contract
This contract is defined for a short period of time. These are punctual visits by our technician to ensure the maintenance of your pool in your absence. 

A fully customized study and proposal will be offered to you. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a quote that best suits your needs.

Premium Contract
This contract provides you with a comprehensive maintenance service for your pool, from start-up to winterization, with weekly or every 15 days during the operating period. This contract is agreed for the season.


In the event of a problem, we are at your disposal to carry out all assistance, troubleshooting and after-sales service operations as soon as possible.

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