Polyester shell pools

In simple terms, a polyester shell pool is a type of monocoque pool, manufactured from a specific model and designed for long-term durability. These pools are produced in specialized facilities using high-quality materials. Our European manufacturing partner, Mon de Pra, is a benchmark in the one-piece pool industry, with over 30 years of continuous innovation.
Their expertise is reflected in the creation of the best polyester shell pools on the market, which are distributed throughout Europe. We are committed to ensuring the complete satisfaction of the families who choose our pools by offering a maximum guarantee, so that you can enjoy your pool for generations to come.
The Mon de Pra brand pays great attention to detail when manufacturing its pools, using only top-quality materials to ensure watertightness and durability. Their range includes numerous models from which you can choose the one that best fits your environment.
Now that you understand why our pools are an excellent choice, we’ll take a closer look at each of our options, so you can select the pool of your dreams from our wide range.


The advantages and possibilities offered by a polyester shell pool are numerous. The pools we install are distinguished by their durability. They are factory-fabricated from high-quality resin, reinforced with sprayed glass fibres, guaranteeing exceptional longevity.
These pools are resistant to UV rays, chemicals and temperature variations, making them easy to maintain. You can even simplify maintenance even further by using a robot vacuum cleaner to clean the bottom of your pool.
The rapid installation of these pools means significant savings in terms of work compared with the construction of a concrete pool. They are strong, rot-proof and suitable for all types of garden. What’s more, you can choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes to personalize your pool to suit your preferences.
As far as customization is concerned, there are many models of polyester shell pools to choose from, and you’re sure to find one that meets your expectations. Unlike traditional concrete pools, installation of these pools is quick and can be completed in a matter of weeks, in contrast to the months required for conventional pool construction.
Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and our pools undergo rigorous quality control to guarantee your satisfaction, and that of your family. What’s more, maintenance is more affordable than for other types of pools. The gelcoat’s smooth surface prevents algae and other particles from adhering, simplifying maintenance. What’s more, the overall cost – both purchase and maintenance – is optimal, making it a financially advantageous option compared to traditional pools.
If you have any questions or need advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss the solution that best suits your needs and preferences.

Pool models

A variety of pool types are available, from classic pools to modern designs and mini pools. You can personalize your pool with a flat, sloping or free-form floor, with or without stairs, to suit your every preference. What’s more, you can integrate various features such as a submerged flap or a counter-current swimming system to enhance your experience. Don’t hesitate to ask for our pool catalog to explore all the options available.

We understand that every family has its own needs and lifestyles, which is why our wide range of pools is the result of over 30 years of listening to customers’ needs. Whatever type of pool you’re looking for, we’ve got a solution for you.

  • Rectangular pools :

Pools with a streamlined design, offering a choice between a sloping bottom, ideal for swimming, or a flat bottom, perfect for family water activities.

  • Mini pools :

Even small gardens can accommodate a pool thanks to our compact, narrow, elongated or square models, optimizing space and water consumption.

  • Pools with submerged deck :

These pools combine two areas, one deeper for swimming and the other a flat beach ideal for relaxing, sunbathing or allowing children to play in complete safety.

  • Swimming pools :

For those who enjoy swimming, our lane pools offer the opportunity to swim laps at home.

  • Roller shutter pools :

The “Cover” models incorporate a roller shutter for easy pool closure, ensuring the safety of children while offering harmonious aesthetics.

  • Hydromassage pools :

Combining pool and Jacuzzi, these pools offer an invigorating and relaxing bathing experience thanks to sparkling bubbles.

  • Original pools :

For larger or irregular gardens, we offer pools with interesting shapes such as organic, elliptical and oval, bringing a touch of elegance and creativity to your outdoor space.

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Our recommendation: hulls with integrated cover

For a safer, warmer pool for longer


Mon de Pra is Europe’s leading manufacturer of polyester shell swimming pools, a status they have earned through their commitment to quality and expertise. Their meticulous approach is to manufacture one-piece, one-piece pools to prevent water loss over time. The resin and fiberglass used in their pools are of the highest quality, guaranteeing exceptional durability.

Polyester shell pools are renowned for their strength, rot-proof properties and impeccable watertightness. All the pools we offer are rigorously selected for their quality, and come with a 20-year structural warranty. What’s more, they offer excellent value for money for outdoor landscaping.

At Mon de Pra, their manufacturing process is supported by an exclusive, patented system, the only one of its kind in the world, consisting of 8 distinct layers. Each of these layers is carefully crafted to ensure the strength and longevity of the pool, from the layer of ISO NPG gel coat to the total resin impregnation with environmentally-friendly paraffin agents.

What’s more, the way they work sets them apart from other manufacturers on the market. Here are a few defining characteristics:

  1. Monobloc: All their models are designed using monobloc polyester hull technology, with no joints or fittings, ensuring a structure resistant to movement and variations in terrain.
  2. Leak-proof: They are state-of-the-art, using a maximum-resistance nozzle system. In the unlikely event of a leak, these nozzles can be replaced from the inside without the need for external work.
  3. Superior quality: Their choice of materials is unrivalled, with the best polyester resins on the market, reinforced with fiberglass, guaranteeing maximum resistance to chemical agents.
  4. Craftsmanship: The entire process of stratifying and reinforcing the shell is carried out by hand to guarantee optimum mechanical strength for every pool.

Mon de Pra is committed to offering polyester shell pools of the highest quality, designed to last and meet their customers’ most demanding expectations.

Choosing the color of your shell pool

To personalize the pool of your dreams, choose from five captivating shades:


Evoking deep peace and serenity, sky blue gives your pool water an extremely relaxing quality.




Fresh, pure and translucent, white represents innocence and adapts harmoniously to all environments, bringing a crystalline touch to your aquatic space.




The soft pastel green transports the spirit to crystal-clear waters, offering an invigorating experience to recharge your batteries when you need them most.




Elegant and formal, beige brings a balanced, heavenly touch to your garden, recalling the hue of light sandy beaches.




Similar to white but with more strength and serenity at the same time, gray is a calm color that surprisingly brings both strength and vitality. It’s a timeless shade that never loses its appeal.

Installing a shell pool in your garden

The installation of a shell pool is quick and feasible on most sites. We support you throughout the entire process of installing your shell pool in Switzerland, specifically in the cantons of Geneva and Vaud. Our assistance includes site selection, earthworks, delivery, piping and much more.

Steps for installing your shell pool :

  1. Soil excavation
    • The first step is to determine the precise location of the pool, taking into account factors such as stair access, sunlight, slope, etc. Once the location has been decided, the ground is excavated.
  2. Land conditioning
    • After excavation, the ground is levelled with small gravel to ensure a flat base on which the pool can rest properly.
  3. Pool positioning
    • Once on your property, the pool is unloaded and inserted into the hole previously dug and levelled by the workers, respecting the distances and characteristics of the terrain.
  4. Upgrade
    • Once the pool has been installed, its level is checked. If necessary, adjustments are made until the pool is perfectly level.
  5. Filling the perimeter
    • The remaining space between the pool and the excavation is filled with gravel to prevent any displacement.
  6. Peripheral installations
    • After these steps, the pipes, skimmers, lighting, etc., are installed and connected to the filtration kit. This can be done simultaneously with gravel filling.
  7. Concrete strip
    • To ensure a solid installation of your pool, a concrete belt is made to support the pool. We recommend incorporating mesh into the concrete.
  8. Laying the coping
    • In conclusion, specific coping stones are generally installed for each model of polyester shell pool. However, some families may opt for wood strips or a complete deck.

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How big is my pond in relation to my garden?

Whether you’re planning a family leisure pool or a small swimming pool, planning your project and installing your leisure infrastructure requires careful consideration of various aspects and variations.
In addition to complying with the regulations in force in your town or municipality, it’s essential to allow sufficient space around your pool for machinery, equipment and technology, or any additional space, whether in the current context or in anticipation of future projects.
The design of the surrounding spaces is just as crucial. From a functional point of view, it’s a good idea to consider a shelter for equipment such as machinery, chemicals, accessories and so on. In terms of comfort, why not consider a beautiful wooden deck or a shower to rinse off before and after swimming?
Finally, it’s important to consider the different shapes and sizes of hulls available to choose the one that will best fit your outdoor space. Careful consideration of these aspects will help ensure the success and satisfaction of your pool project.

Questions you may have

  • Cost of a polyester shell pool :

The price may vary according to various factors such as geographical location, the shape and size of the pool desired, and the finishing options selected. In general, polyester shell pools are more economical than traditional pools, require less maintenance and are less prone to leaks.

  • Problems accessing your home :

Before building a swimming pool, it’s essential to check the feasibility of access to the chosen site. Although access is generally not a problem, we recommend that you consult your installer to confirm the possibility of delivery, or to explore other solutions.

  • Maintenance of a polyester shell pool :

  • Polyester shell pools require less maintenance, less chemicals and more energy. What’s more, their smooth gelcoat surface reduces the need for thorough cleaning, as algae cannot adhere to it.
  • Appropriate water treatment :

Polyester shell pools are compatible with most existing water treatments and chemicals. They can also be used with salt electrolysis, following the recommendations provided by your Astro Piscines professional.

  • Why a pool roller shutter?

The use of a roller shutter offers a number of advantages, including the prevention of algae, dirt and insect growth. What’s more, it extends water life and bathing time by maintaining water temperature for longer. When it comes to safety, a good roller shutter helps prevent domestic accidents, ensuring total peace of mind.

  • Pool customization :

Although these pools are available in pre-designed shapes, many models, sizes and lines are offered in our collection. Once you’ve chosen a model, you can customize the color and finish. Optional extras such as colored spotlights, a counter-current swimming system and hydromassage jets can be added to create the pool of your dreams.

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