Are you planning to build a swimming pool? At Astro Piscines, we are a team of specialists in the construction and installation of pools of all kinds in the canton of Vaud and the Geneva region. Whatever your wishes and desires, we’re here to help you make the right choices every step of the way.

We put our experience at your disposal since 1974 in French-speaking Switzerland and bring you our technical and aesthetic know-how, in order to make your project a reality and build the swimming pool you want.

ASTRO PISCINES SA, specialist in customized pool construction

Turn your dream pool into reality today! Whether you want to create a space for relaxation or a source of happiness for the whole family, now is the perfect time to dive in and make your aspirations a reality!

 As Swiss experts in custom pool construction, ASTRO PISCINES SA stands out for its high-end, personalized creations, adding a touch of originality and value to your property. From conception to completion, we work closely with you to create a project that meets your wishes and blends harmoniously with your surroundings, guaranteeing exceptional quality and enjoyment.

Backed by our expertise and commitment to excellence, we strive to offer you the best at every stage of the process.

We can offer you several types of pools :

You can choose from:

Pools with a clean, harmonious and relaxing design

Whether you opt for a traditional, overflow, mirror, indoor or special pool, we create a pool that reflects your style and blends perfectly with your garden, combining technical innovation with modern comfort.

From elegant concrete structures to a variety of waterproof coatings (reinforced pvc rather than the less durable liner, polyester shell, tiling, etc.), as well as an extensive range of colors and custom dimensions, we guarantee top-of-the-range, durable and aesthetically pleasing pools, ready to be enjoyed as soon as they’re completed.

Once construction is complete, the fun begins for the whole family. Poolside moments become an experience of limitless creativity and absolute comfort. Your pool will be state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, heated, automated and illuminated. After construction, you’ll be able to say with pride, “My pool is simply splendid!”

Durable flexibility and strength

Whether you’re looking for a traditional swimming pool in Geneva or in the canton of Vaud, we’re here to create a timeless, high-end pool that’s robust, easy to build and adaptable to all types of terrain. Opting for the construction of a concrete or reinforced concrete pool equipped with skimmers remains the optimal choice.

The construction of a traditional concrete swimming pool offers exceptional flexibility, both in terms of the terrain and the shape and size of the pool, as well as the choice of features (lighting, cover system, etc.). Concrete can be formed into any shape, offering total freedom to personalize the design. What’s more, concrete is the strongest material for pool construction, guaranteeing exceptional durability. A unique design that takes every detail into account, combining style, creativity and refinement.

Our teams of professional pool specialists in Geneva and Nyon specialize in the construction, renovation and maintenance of concrete pools. Since 1975, we’ve been building indoor and outdoor concrete pools for individuals, professionals, hotels, campsites, medical centers, spas, water parks and many others. Astro Piscines designs, builds and fits out exceptional pools that exceed the norm.

Indoor Pool Construction: Excellence for Mon Espace Privé.

Indoor pool constructionThe meticulous selection of materials, the constant quest for quality in the finish, the proven experience and exceptional craftsmanship are crucial elements in bringing my indoor pool project to fruition.

With Astro Piscines, I benefit from unrivalled expertise, making my dream a reality within my budget.

The Comfort of Your Pool: Choice of Equipment

  1. Custom heating and roofing:

Opt for absolute comfort with made-to-measure solar protection that’s both attractive and durable. Our heated covers, designed for safety and protection, keep your pool at a pleasant temperature while limiting the proliferation of algae caused by UV rays. Complete your experience with an energy-efficient heat pump, offering 28º water for unrivalled relaxation.

  1. Serviceability beyond expectations:

Personalizing your custom pool makes it unique and intimate. Beyond its beauty, Astro Piscines guarantees ease of use and maintenance. Thanks to our advanced technology, such as the automatic treatment installed in the filtration kit, your pool becomes a living space designed to last.

    • Automated covers: At the touch of a button, your cover deploys, offering instant, effective protection. This automated cover emerges from the ground and covers the pool, heating the water while preventing accidents and impurities.
    • Automatic water treatment: Our state-of-the-art water treatment systems are easy to operate. Impressive technical progress translates into a user-friendly, environmentally-friendly experience. Fully automated, our system measures pH and water quality, adding the necessary chemicals sparingly and without human intervention.

Aesthetic features for an exceptional pool :

Swimming against the current

Counter-current swimming: Turn your pool into a dynamic place with counter-current swimming. Ideal for those who like to exercise, this toning option provides vitality and well-being. This turns your pool into a space dedicated to physical exercise and fun for the whole family.





Hydromassage jets: For ultimate relaxation, our hydromassage jets keep you in shape. Why settle for a simple pool when you can add hydromassage and toning jets whose direction you determine? Share these privileges with your friends for relaxing and joyful moments.







LED lighting and waterfall: add a touch of fun to your dream pool with LED lighting. Illuminate your pond for enchanted evenings. The waterfall becomes splendid, and the LED lighting enhances the water feature and the garden, creating a soft ambience for your summer nights.






Concrete pool construction with tiling

Imitation natural stone paving: personalize your furnishings to suit your tastes with exclusive paving imitating natural stone. A luxurious, contemporary pool design experience. Astro Piscines recommends a selection of quality tiles and coping to add style to your space.

Astro Piscines takes care of the design and construction of your pool, with the choice of various options depending on the intended use, determining the final price of the construction. Come and discover our selection of quality tiles and coping at our Nyon store.

Stages in the construction of your swimming pool :

Construction piscine Etape 1 Implantation
Construction piscine Etape 2 Terrassement jour 1
Construction piscine Etape 2 Terrassement jour 2


Delivery of a shell pool: great attention must be paid to the conditions of access.

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